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Dendreon is committed to supporting men with advanced prostate cancer.

Frequently asked questions about PROVENGE treatment


What are the benefits of PROVENGE for me?

The pivotal study showed that more men treated with PROVENGE were alive than men not treated with PROVENGE.a

  • Men in the study had prostate cancer that had spread to other parts of their bodies despite hormone therapy and did not use prescription pain medicine to manage cancer-related pain
  • Median survival was 4.1 months longer for men treated with PROVENGE (25.8 months) than for men who were not (21.7 months)

Men taking PROVENGEa

25.8 months

Men not taking PROVENGE

21.7 months

PROVENGE prolonged life for men with both low and high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. There may be greater survival benefits when men with advanced prostate cancer start PROVENGE while PSA levels are lower.b

  • Median survival was 13 months longer for men with a low PSAc treated with PROVENGE compared with men with a low PSA who did not receive treatment


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