Fighting advanced prostate cancer is my personal battle

PROVENGE. Powerfully Personal.

PROVENGE is the only individualized immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer.

Six appointments

Therapy can be completed in a little over a month with only 6 appointments

Generally well tolerated safety profile

The most common side effects in clinical studies were chills, fatigue, fever, back pain, nausea, joint ache, and headache. Some men have experienced serious adverse events. See Important Safety Information

Approved in 2010

PROVENGE has been prescribed to over 30,000 men

How is PROVENGE immunotherapy different?

PROVENGE immunotherapy is different from other prostate cancer treatments because it can activate your own immune system to seek out and attack your advanced prostate cancer. PROVENGE immunotherapy helps certain men with mCRPC who do not take prescription medicine for cancer-related pain live longer and treatment takes only about 1 month. Activate the PROVENGE difference.

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Take control of your journey

Cutting-edge treatments are available for every stage of prostate cancer. Learn how routine monitoring can help you take control of your prostate cancer fight so that you get the best out of treatment at every step of your journey.

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You are not alone

There are many ways to connect with the large community of men undergoing a similar journey to yours. Start the PROVENGE conversation by using the doctor locator to find a treatment center near you and explore available resources, from community support groups to financial assistance.

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PROVENGE is a personalized immunotherapy. PROVENGE activates your immune system to seek out and attack your advanced prostate cancer.